Technical Support Services Department (TSS)


Our Technical Support Service Department consists of seasoned academics and highly skilled practicing professionals, whose common goal is to create customized formulas to meet patient-specific needs.

Their diverse areas of expertise include:

  • Formulation Chemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  • Biochemistry
  • Regulatory
  • Practical-based pharmaceutical compounding experience

Our staff members are equally skilled in both non-sterile and sterile formulations including numerous specialty niche markets.

In addition many members of our team are responsible for creating our industry’s current standards of practice and serve as Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) auditors.

Key Benefits

Our multidisciplinary team offers personalized, friendly and thorough service. From start to finish, we are actively involved in the creation of our formulas to ensure that we have taken into account variables such as:

  • Dosage form
  • Composition and concentration
  • Most suitable vehicle
  • Excipients
  • Chemical compatibilities / interactions
  • Stability of the end formulation
  • Packaging
  • Storage conditions

In addition, all our formulations are scientifically supported by accompanying references and we provide all the necessary tools to carry out mathematical calibrations when working with molds. As well, we provide API conversions (salt-to-base when necessary) and API quantification (i.e. taking into account water content, API potency/activity, etc., when required).

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the most accurate, safe, stable, and therapeutically sound formulations for our clients. It is our mandate and obligation to provide the best possible service to ensure the safety of the patient population. With a reputation that speaks for itself, it is of no surprise how quickly our clients realize the added value we incorporate into their final compounded preparation, translating our success into their own personal success with the patients they treat.

Who Should Subscribe

Our technical support service is designed for both the beginner as well as the most highly skilled and experienced compounder. Our scientific expertise when designing both simple or complex formulations combined with our unparalleled problem solving skills has established us as industry leaders. We strongly believe that by continuing to provide leading edge formulas, we will help meet the demands of the pharmacy, medical communities and patient population alike.

What We Offer

The following services are provided to our Technical Support Service members:

  • Extensive online formula database
  • Customized formula design
  • Troubleshooting questions related to MEDISCA NETWORK formulas
  • Compounding inquiries – Tier 1, which include:
    • LITERATURE SEARCHES: compile a list of references that include support on the stability of a compounded preparation, studies regarding route of administration and bioavailability, information on various disease states or therapeutic categories for educational purposes, etc.
    • MATHEMATICAL CALCULATIONS: MEDISCA Network Inc. Formula Specific: salt-base conversions, API potency/activity, water content, etc.
    • COMPOUNDING QUESTIONS: step-by-step guidance on carrying out formula specific procedural steps, specialized techniques and technology, packaging, beyond-use dating, etc.
    • API, EXCIPIENT AND BASE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS: suitability, compatibility and interactions for excipients, APIs and ready bases.
  • Compounding inquiries – Tier 2, which include consultation with experts in the field of pharmaceutical compounding regarding:
    • CURRENT REGULATORY LANDSCAPE AND PROPOSED CHANGES: USP, State Boards and Colleges of Pharmacy, Federal Regulations, etc.
    • NICHE MARKET SPECIFIC QUESTIONS: Compounding on Pain Management, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary Compounding, Dermatology Compounding, Pediatric Compounding, etc.

Our Team

Our team of professionals consists of practicing compounding pharmacists, formulation chemists, technical service support representatives and lab technicians. Together, we encompass a wide range of both theoretical and practical compounding experience with the following designated degrees:

  • PharmD
  • PhD.
  • MSc.
  • BSc.


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