Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition (SPCC 2017)
Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition (SPCC 2017)

Technical Services

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MEDISCA Network is dedicated to providing cutting-edge Technical Services and resources that include Technical Support Services, encompassing an online formula database, formula design & customization and a customer service helpline, Specialized Consultation Services, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

MEDISCA Network Technical Services


Introducing Online Learning


LP3 Network was founded to offer the healthcare community with exceptional programs in continuing education. With a belief in raising the standards of healthcare through innovative and high-quality programs, LP3 Network provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed!

LP3 Network


Sample Formulas

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With a number of accurate and precise sample formulas available for your review, MEDISCA Network provides you with a free database to consult during your compounding preparations. Have a look through our collection of sample formulas and gain insight from our research.

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Compounding Tips

Learn From Our Experts

MEDISCA Network now provides you with a series of tips to help with your day-to-day compounding needs. Be sure to visit this section regularly as we post new tips and tricks to assist you with your compounding practice and to ensure the safety of you and your patients.

Learn compounding tips and tricks from our team of experts.


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